Flaska, a friend of glass

When buying reusable water bottles, there are many factors to consider – volume, shape, price, design, … to name just a few of them. But lately type of material water bottles are made from became an increasingly important decision factor.

ReusaFlaska reusable glass water bottlesble water bottles are usually made from plastics, some of them steel and aluminium and a few from glass. Every material has its own benefits. When considering plastic it is the price and weight. Metal bottles are being used for outdoor sports mostly because of their durability. But when it comes to glass, health, environmental and aesthetical benefits are the ones that prevail.

Glass is an inert material and does not react with your water nor leach any substances into it. After all – glass is being used as packaging for best wines, cosmetics and medicine. It is also a material that can (and mostly is) recycled into products of same quality, not down-cycled as plastics for instance. It is a natural and environmentally friendly material. And it looks nice and valuable as well, don’t you think?

This is why Flaska bottles are made from glass. We consider taking care of our health and environment are by far the most important decision factors among the ones stated above. We are and always will be strong supporters of glass as the best material for food and beverage packaging and of course the best material for reusable water bottles. We also became partners of the Friends of Glass organisation. Our partnership in this programme is in a way logical Flaska has been faithful to glass since its beginnings.

We’re proud to be members of Friends of Glass!


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