Our friends from CUDV Jesenice working on (Re)Flaska keyhangers

Well his project was really fun. We were thinking what to do with our neoprene sleeves that have some sort of technical issues and were therefore unusable. Of course we didn’t want to dispose them, and recycling neoprene is also a tricky issue. So we decided to recycle them, or better said upcycle, since we created a new & exciting product.

So we asked our FB friends, the Flaskapeople, for suggestions. Among all the different ideas (we liked the Barbie diving suit but somehow did not go for it :)) we decided to go with key hangers. Since the term sustainable development puts equal weight on environmental and social issues we wanted to include the latter as well. This is why we decided to cooperate with our friends from the CUDV Training, Occupation and Care Centre Jesenice.

And here they are. A few key hangers from the first collection of 100 pcs among which everyone is unique and hand made. We’re proud and happy!


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