Auf Wiedersehen Düsseldorf! Hallo Berlin!

Last weekend we presented Flaska on the first of 4 Bio trade fairs in Germany. This one – the BioWest trade fair – took place in Düsseldorf. We’re still looking forward to BioOst, BioNord & BioSud.

Busy day on BioWest trade fair in Düsseldorf

So what were the reactions? After all Flaska barely skimmed the surface of German market until these exhibitions. It’s sold in a few shops in Bavaria and on-line. The feedback and reactions were great. Witzig, super Idee, Toll, aus Glas gemacht! are just a few thoughts we got from visitors. It was a professional trade fair so the positive attitude is important for us to be able to present Flaska to the whole German market.

Flaska among the NeuprodukteA market that is really demanding we found out. People are aware of problematic of various materials used for water bottles and food & drink containers generally. Visitors at our booth were questioning us about the smallest details about Flaska. So the fact that they were positive about it makes us satisfied as well as motivated to improve.

Auf Wiedersehen Düsseldorf! Hallo Berlin!


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