Who writes

Maks Vrečko

Maks is the one who is ‘guilty’ that Flaska bottle even came into existence. His life story is interesting and full of unexpected and even exotic professional experiences. He started as a policeman, but his inquiring and curious soul expectedly didn’t last long in this uniform environment. Later on he bred ostriches, wrote mountain biking guidebooks, taught snowboarding and grew strawberries. Strawberry growing was an important phase of Flaska’s development. Read more about this in The Flaska story. He is the CEO of the Flaska d.d. company.

Jure Gmajnar

Jure was there when Flaska was born. Actually he was involved in its crucial fragile first steps and even helped to choose its name. Kind of Flaska’s godfather actually. He met Maks long before while he was still a competitive snowboarder. Later on he gathered a lot of experience in trade business, running a sport wholesale and retail business together with his father for more than 10 years. This year he accepted the challenge to join the Flaska team, where he is in charge of international sales.

Anže Ulčar

Anže joined the Flaska team last year. It happened gradually, through a sustainability project, which he did for Flaska. He brought some new insight and experience from his previous marketing and sustainability consulting jobs into the Flaska team. Accordingly, he is in charge of marketing and sustainability projects and sales in Slovenia as well. Anže and Jure are good friends and ex high school classmates, when they were together challenging the paradigm of importance of physical presence in school for the final success.

More about he Flaska team on http://www.flaska.eu/team-flaska


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