Flaska Cartoon – Making of

Today we launched our one and only Meet Flaska! cartoon.

In this article I want to describe the background of such a project. I have to tell you it’s really interesting. Creating your own cartoon – this might be a dream come true for a lot of people. It certainly was for us. Please watch the Meet Flaska! animated clip bellow and welcome to read on afterwards.

Meet Flaska

We cooperated with Studio Sanda on this project. We are really satisfied with their work and can only recommend them if you are considering a similar project. The process was very well planned. We followed the usual Studio Sanda’s process steps:

Step 1: Defining the content

Step 2: Drawing of the sketches and illustrations

Step 3: Creating the animation

Step 4: Adding background music and speech

Step 5: Postproduction and finalisation of the clip

Simon from Studio Sanda at work

Flaska Made from Glass
This is how we visualised the fact that Flaska is made from glass – an environmentally and health friendly material

Water structuring with Flaska
How to visualise the water structuring function? A tough one…
Flaska protective sleeves materials
I like this one – how to symbolize the individual materials the protective sleeve is made of

The whole project was something new and exciting for us. First deciding what the best way to present a glass reusable water bottle with a special feature was. Choosing the background music and voiceover was really fun. Deciding on how to visualise individual features or benefits. Cooperating in the process of visualisation. It was great. And I hope you find the end result great as well.



Working at Flaska feels a bit like working in Hollywood lately. We’re shooting & drawing a few new clips about Flaska and we’re enjoying it. A lot!


We were aware we needed a short presentational movie about our Flaska. It’s one thing to explain that we are producing a reusable water bottle made from glass that restructures water, and it is something totally different to show it. It works much better in the era of fast moving lifestyle. You can expect to see the result soon, in a matter of a week or so. Simon from the Studio Sanda is working on it full steam as you can see above.

For now we welcome you to watch this feel-good image clip with Flaska co-starring. It was filmed by the Untouched project crew in Nicaragua. Sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful tune by Grace Kelly!

Flaska Organic in buygreen.com

Flaska Organic Green Products Standard Certification About a year ago Flaska’s representative in USA contacted a web retailer www.buygreen.us, specialised in selling green product. Our goal was of course for Flaska to be listed among the numerous environmentally friendly products found on their webpage.
After a while of waiting they responded and let us know that all the products in their web shop have to go through a thorough procedure where they are checked for their performance during material sourcing, manufacturing and disposal phases.

Of course we applied with our environmentally friendliest product Flaska Organic. And succeeded big time! Flaska Organic received a high grade – 81 and will soon be listed in their web shop. We are proud of it and hope other Flaska’s will follow soon.

Flaska Organic

Flaska Valentine’s

Flaska Valentine'sTo do it or not to do it? To make a special Flaska Valentine’s Day edition or not. Everyone does it, so it’s not something you would really call a creative or special idea. Which we usually try to find. But we decided to go for it. Why not, it’s lovely, kitschy, everyone’s happy and in love, birds are singing, spring is coming… Why swim against the flow?

But we didn’t like the idea of having a cheesy design. So our designer Lea played with the traditional visual and poetic love motifs and created these two. Love is in the van … everywhere you look around … Do you get it? If you don’t, don’t worry. It’s Flaskas, not you :).

There’s one more twist to it. Flaska Valentine’s are gonna be exclusively available in our webshop until March 12th. Why March 12th? Because it is the Gregorjevo Day, when we traditionaly celebrate love in Slovenia. We say that birds get married on Gregorjevo Day. (Talk about not being cheesy :)). But we like it because it’s our tradition and we wish to share it with you.



This gallery contains 8 photos.

Well his project was really fun. We were thinking what to do with our neoprene sleeves that have some sort of technical issues and were therefore unusable. Of course we didn’t want to dispose them, and recycling neoprene is also … Continue reading


Just in case you wondered what the Thai translation of Flaska’s slogan Your portable water spring sounds like – this is it. น้ำแร่ในมือคุณ. Every day we learn something new 🙂

Now you’re probably asking yourself: ”What is this guy talking about?!” I’m just being happy that Flaska is present (and popular) on more and more foreign markets. Some of them exotic in a way, since owing a reusable water bottle made from glass is a new and unexplored concept on a few of them. And some really saturated with similar water bottles – some made from glass the others from plastic or metal.

Austria, Germany, Croatia, Spain, USA, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Thailand, Romania, Czech republic, Bosnia, Serbia,… The world is getting smaller for us :).  Check out some of the print materials we use in a few of these countries.














A month of cycling for Flaska team

Flaska team is cycling

Flaska team is cycling

We’re done. We cycled to work for a month. 5 members of Flaska team took part and had great fun. 68 out of 108 trips (so almost 2/3) were made by bike – the ones that weren’t were due to bad weather or important meetings we had to drive to. Showing up sweaty at a meeting is still not our thing :).

This added up to 533 km, or a reduction in GHG emissions we caused by 114 kg CO2e. Congrats to everyone. Urša was the absolute winner – she cycled to work 19 out of 23 times.

During the ‘project’ we still had to ‘deliver’ kids to kindergarten and shopped for necessities as well as conducted other everyday to-do’s. So it’s doable.

It was a great experience overall. Urša, Jure and Zdenka even decided to continue the project and are taking part at a national project that encourages cycling to work called V troje.

Flaska cycling team

We’re cycling… To work. For a month. Flaska bottle is a sustainable product that helps people live a healthier and environmentally friendlier life. This is also our company’s vision. But is that all we can do?

Flaska team is cycling to work

Certainly not. Doing good through a product is great, but we decided to try to ‘improve’ Flaska team’s impact as well and to reduce our environmental footprint. Commuting was an obvious way to start since it contributes a significant part of our company’s carbon footprint.

So we decided to cycle to work for a month and then calculate the reduction. But we also want to see how it works – how much do we have to change our daily routines and how much this will bother us. Check back in a month or so to see the ‘results’:)!

Do the stars really know?

I have had a mixed attitude towards horoscope since my childhood. The idea of some ‘great force’ or destiny having such an influence on my personality and life in general never appealed to me. I like to think I have things under control.

While growing up we of course get to know ourselves better and better. I am quite sure I managed to get to understand most of my personal characteristics – the positive and less positive ones, the visible (or public) ones as well as those hidden inside of me. Where am I heading? Comparing my personal characteristics (ones that I’m aware of) to the ones most commonly stated about my sign (I forgot to mention I am a Cancer) most of them actually fit! Is it just a coincidence or is there actually more in stars reading that I am ready to accept. Something I still need to get done with. But enough of my personal dilemmas :).

The reason I am writing about Horoscope is the new Flaska bottle collection. You guessed – it’s the Flaska Horoscope collection. 12 astrological signs means 12 different Flaska bottles. Together with an optional name printing it really becomes a personal water bottle. Flaska – your portable (and personal) water spring, as we like to describe it.

But there’s more to it. Designs are not just some lame symbols copied from a T-shirt on the local flea market. That would be boring. And we don’t like Flaska bottles to be boring.  We decided to make them fun. We decided Nina, a young designer (we met her during our public tender for the new Neo Design collection), is the person who can make astrological signs fun, wicked and a little bit unconventional.

Flaska Horoscope collection

So here they are. What do you think? My opinion is that this Horoscope collection will appeal even to those that aren’t big horoscope fans. Hey, even I can’t wait to get a hold on my Flaska Cancer. Or will it be some other symbol which I like better? Should I decide for my assigned symbol or for my personal choice? Again me and my dilemmas 🙂

Crowdsourcing the new Flaska design

Crowdsourcing starts with decentralization, by sourcing tasks traditionally performed by specific individuals to a group of people or community (crowd) through an open call.


 When a decision to launch a new line of a certain product is taken the next seemingly logical question is: ”Who is going to design it?” Usually companies get in touch with a design agency or a free-lance designer and jointly create a new design. At Flaska we receive a lot of comments, recommendations and ideas about our water bottles almost on a daily basis (of course also critics, but these not as often as the former, thankfully). It is obvious that people kind of like Flaska bottle, that it means more than an ordinary object to them. Why would they otherwise bother mailing their ideas for improvement etc.?

Flaska Neo Design 2012 collection

I can’t even remember who came up with the brilliant idea of having a public tender for our new Flaska neo Design collection 2012. We decided to invite everyone interested. No limitations. Well, there needed to be some limitations (or better said directions) set due to the technical characteristics of our print technique – flock. But anyway – we wanted as many people as possible to take part in the project. Everyone – even those without any experience in designing stuff, but especially ones who like Flaska bottles a lot and want to be part of its future looks. And we pulled it through. Without realising it we joined the trend of crowdsourcing.

Creating and developing your product with the help of crowd is a sensible thing, since you learn a lot about people’s tastes, desires and preferences along the way. Without any surveys or analyses, just by listening and observing. But it’s a fun thing as well. We received more than 300 samples from 56 authors, communicating directly to every one of them. I confess – it was a bit overwhelming. Dealing with the project at the busiest time of the year sometimes left us wondering whether it was a very smart thing to do after all. But at the end we are sure it was worth it. Not necessarily easy or cheap – but definitely worth it!

Authors of the new Flaska collectionWe learned a lot, we had fun, and at the end we met all of the winning authors. All of them women, but all with different stories! Thanks and congratulations again! You are all very welcome to participate when we decide to ride the crowdsourcing wave again!