Flaska Valentine’s

Flaska Valentine'sTo do it or not to do it? To make a special Flaska Valentine’s Day edition or not. Everyone does it, so it’s not something you would really call a creative or special idea. Which we usually try to find. But we decided to go for it. Why not, it’s lovely, kitschy, everyone’s happy and in love, birds are singing, spring is coming… Why swim against the flow?

But we didn’t like the idea of having a cheesy design. So our designer Lea played with the traditional visual and poetic love motifs and created these two. Love is in the van … everywhere you look around … Do you get it? If you don’t, don’t worry. It’s Flaskas, not you :).

There’s one more twist to it. Flaska Valentine’s are gonna be exclusively available in our webshop until March 12th. Why March 12th? Because it is the Gregorjevo Day, when we traditionaly celebrate love in Slovenia. We say that birds get married on Gregorjevo Day. (Talk about not being cheesy :)). But we like it because it’s our tradition and we wish to share it with you.


Do the stars really know?

I have had a mixed attitude towards horoscope since my childhood. The idea of some ‘great force’ or destiny having such an influence on my personality and life in general never appealed to me. I like to think I have things under control.

While growing up we of course get to know ourselves better and better. I am quite sure I managed to get to understand most of my personal characteristics – the positive and less positive ones, the visible (or public) ones as well as those hidden inside of me. Where am I heading? Comparing my personal characteristics (ones that I’m aware of) to the ones most commonly stated about my sign (I forgot to mention I am a Cancer) most of them actually fit! Is it just a coincidence or is there actually more in stars reading that I am ready to accept. Something I still need to get done with. But enough of my personal dilemmas :).

The reason I am writing about Horoscope is the new Flaska bottle collection. You guessed – it’s the Flaska Horoscope collection. 12 astrological signs means 12 different Flaska bottles. Together with an optional name printing it really becomes a personal water bottle. Flaska – your portable (and personal) water spring, as we like to describe it.

But there’s more to it. Designs are not just some lame symbols copied from a T-shirt on the local flea market. That would be boring. And we don’t like Flaska bottles to be boring.  We decided to make them fun. We decided Nina, a young designer (we met her during our public tender for the new Neo Design collection), is the person who can make astrological signs fun, wicked and a little bit unconventional.

Flaska Horoscope collection

So here they are. What do you think? My opinion is that this Horoscope collection will appeal even to those that aren’t big horoscope fans. Hey, even I can’t wait to get a hold on my Flaska Cancer. Or will it be some other symbol which I like better? Should I decide for my assigned symbol or for my personal choice? Again me and my dilemmas 🙂